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The LinMot F01-37S and F01-48 guides are moving stator applications with tubular linear motors. The mechanical design is based on a special aluminum profile on which a high precision profile rail guide is attached. Use of ball bearings in the carriages guarantee a reliable and smooth operation. The design of both guides is very similar but different in the dimensions.
F-guides can be mounted together into a gantry design (Fig. 1) without any additional adapters. It is also possible to run more than one motor on the same guide (Fig. 2). There are two sizes of motors available for each size of F-guide; the PS01-37Sx60 offers highest velocity on a very short design while the PS01- 37Sx120 presents double the peak force with an additional 60mm length. The motors of the PS01-48 series offers a peek force up to 1000 N (250 lbf).
Together with the H01 guides for the vertical axis (Fig. 3) and the linear rotary motors of the PR01-52 series (Fig. 4&5) the F-guides offer a powerful toolbox for any automation task.



Figure 1: Gantry-Design with three F01-37S guides





Figure 2: F01-37S guide with two independent motors on the same track



F01_H01-37 2ndFigure 3: F01-37S Guide with mounted H01-23 guide for z-axis



F01_PR01-52x60Figure 4: F01-37S Guide with mounted linear rotary motor PR01-52



Gantry_mixFigure 5: Gantry Design with mounted linear rotary motor PR01-52