• How can I view working linear motion products?

    Call us at 877.546.3270 to discuss your application needs. If we believe LinMot can provide the right product, we’ll arrange to have a local, factory trained representative demonstrate our products for you. If a local representative is not available, we can arrange to send you demonstration equipment for evaluation.
  • How do I determine which LinMot linear motion products are needed?

    Contact us and one of our application engineers will provide you with a bill of materials best suited for your application, as well as a price for that material.
  • Where can I purchase Linmot linear motion products?

    Generally you will buy directly from our (US or Swiss) warehouse. If you prefer, we do have factory trained linear motor distributors in many parts of the world.
  • How long will I have to wait for shipment?

    Over 90% of orders we receive can be shipped the next day. Standard linear motor products that may be temporarily out of stock are usually available within 10 days and most custom parts are available in less than 3 weeks.
  • How about technical support?

    Our linear motor system technical support is second to none, and is available the same day you need it. Visit our technical support page for more information.
  • Why do LinMot linear motor products last so long?

    LinMot motors are made up of only two moving parts, a stator (the electrical element) and a slider (the magnetic component). Simply, there are no belts, gears, cams, or ball screws to wear out.
  • Are LinMot motors and actuators good replacements for air cylinders?

    Even under the best operating conditions, air cylinders have wear issues. Those with varying velocity and acceleration tend to wear out quicker. LinMot linear motion system products provide more life, more speed, and/or more control over air cylinders.
  • Will these linear motion products work in my existing system?

    Yes. We can interface with your PLC, motion controller or computer using analog or digital inputs or any variety of industrial communication buses including EtherNet. Our application engineers are happy to discuss this with you.
  • Does LinMot provide linear motor software?

    Yes. The software, LinMot Designer, is free and downloadable. It is used to accurately and easily choose the right LinMot for your application. There are several versions of our configuration software depending on which of our 70 different controllers your application requires.
  • I have more questions not seen here, who can I contact for additional information?

    Start by calling us at 877.546.3270. We can quickly tell you if LinMot offers a reasonable solution for your potential application and we’ll give you a cost estimate. You can also visit our contact page to request more information on your linear motion application needs.