The recently introduced LinMot P10-70 motor series extends the product range with larger and more powerful actuators producing up to 560 lbs of peak force. Five different motor sizes from 112 lb to 560 lb cover a wide range of high power applications under heavy loads. The motors are controlled by the new E1400 Series Servo Drives with fieldbus and industrial Ethernet Interfaces. The E1400 drives are directly powered from the AC mains with a 3×340…480VAC input range.

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P10-70 Series_3
• Linear direct drive
• Compact design
• Standard design element
• Cast-in motor components
• Separate plugs for power and logic feeds
• Integrated position sensors
• Absolute temperature feedback
• Free programmable positions / motion profiles
• Programmable press force



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LinMot USA, Inc. is a Rockwell Automation Encompass Product Partner.
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