LinMot Introduces New General Manager

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LinMot USA, Inc., the leading linear motor manufacturer, announces the appointment of Peter Zafiro as General Manager.  Peter has over 25 years experience working within the industrial automation field, successfully growing sales and marketing organizations.  His main focus will be increasing LinMot USA’s footprint within the automation marketplace through his extensive servo automation and mechanical integration experience.  He has an EMBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management coupled with his electrical engineering background.

LinMot manufactures and supports linear motor products that present extensive capabilities, including high speed programmable positioning.  LinMot has revolutionized a number of industrial applications by providing an all-electric, simplified linear actuator, where accurate linear movement is desired.  Eliminating the need for cams, gears, belts, or other mechanical devices allows the application engineer the freedom to design a high quality and highly repetitive positioning axis.

Forces to 2500N, velocities to 5 m/sec, and accelerations to 100g are possible.  While coupling these capabilities with long actuator life of 2 billion cycles, the linear motors can be positioned precisely using the internal position sensors or run to produce a desired force.  Guided bearing systems are available or the customer can design their own guide system.

Harsh environment applications, including IP69K actuators are ideal for wash down applications.  LinMot also manufactures a combination rotary/linear actuator allowing an all-electric solution for linear positioning while providing simultaneous rotary movement.

LinMot USA is headquartered at 204 E. Morrissey Dr. in Elkhorn, WI, about 30 minutes west of Milwaukee, WI.