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LinMot Linear Guides: How does the new F-guide stack up versus the G, B and H guides?

Ed Kist, Sales Support Manager

The LinMot F-Guide is our newest motor guide solution. This product is a direct replacement for our previous G01 guides, offering all the advantages of the G01 guide plus additional features and capabilities.

The F-Guide employs a moving carriage riding on a linear rail. Improving on the G01 guides’ recirculating ball bearings riding on an extrusion captured linear shaft, the F-guide uses an industry leading high speed bearing and linear rail assembly. This design improves reliability, increases stiffness and provides smoother operation. The F-guide is available in stroke lengths from 140mm to 2075mm. Readily available adapter plates allow easy to assemble gantry system configurations. LinMot’s H-guides or B-guides make for easy Z-axis addition. The unique linear-rotary all in one actuator can be mounted for Z-axis/Theta axis on any F-guide.

As an alternative to LinMot’s H and B guide units, the F-Guide offers longer strokes, increased load capacities and a more rigid design.

An optional external position sensor system can be added for improved repeatability and accuracy. The F-Guides are shipped from stock as assembled units and include cable track and high flex motor cables with 2-3 week deliveries.

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