LinMot Presents a Linear Rotary Motor with Gearbox

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Based on the existing PR01 series, a linear rotary motor has been developed for
applications with higher torque requirements, up to 80 Nm. The gearbox also allows
precise and dynamic positioning, even for loads with high moment of inertia. A planetary
gearset with three transmission ratios that can be specified as needed allow optimal tuning
and adaptation to the moment of inertia. The linear and rotary motions can be actuated
independently of each other or synchronized by a higher level NC controller, depending
on the application. The integrated guide rails can be used to support transverse loads at the
full stroke of 150 mm. Picking and placing loads outside of the axis of rotation is a classical
application for the new linear rotary motor models. Dynamic and freely programmable
motion of small dial tables with simultaneous rotational and vertical travel can be
implemented easily using this new design element.

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