LinMot USA, Inc. Joins Rockwell Automation Encompass Program

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Continuing its strategy to deliver a high quality line of products, LinMot
USA, Inc., manufacturer of linear motors, guided actuators, servo drives and MagSprings,
is proud to announce the recent acceptance to Rockwell Automation’s Encompass program.
Through the Rockwell Automation Encompass third-party product referencing program,
customers can quickly locate the products that best solve their application challenges. These
products, developed by reputable companies, provide additional functionality, and enhance
and extend Rockwell Automation solutions.

About LinMot USA, Inc. – For over 20 years, LinMot has manufactured high-performance
linear motors and linear motor systems, focusing on the development, production, and sale
of direct drive linear motors for industrial use. The LinMot line of linear motors eliminates
the need for high-wear components such as belts, screws, cams or gears. This unique design
offers greatly reduced maintenance and substantially longer service life even in rugged
industrial environments.

About Rockwell Automation, Inc. – Rockwell Automation, Inc., the world’s largest company
dedicated to industrial automation and information, makes its customers more productive
and the world more sustainable. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, Rockwell Automation
employs about 21,000 people serving customers in more than 80 countries.

About Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork – LinMot USA, Inc. is part of the Rockwell
Automation PartnerNetwork program, which offers global manufacturers access to a
collaborative network of companies focused on developing, implementing and supporting
best-in-breed automation solutions for customers. For more information on the Rockwell
Automation PartnerNetwork, visit www.rockwellautomation.com/partners/