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We recently had a customer whose application involved a bottle filling and capping line. The capping operation sometimes resulted in an improper applied or missing cap. Here’s an example how LinMot motors provided a better solution over pneumatics.

The filled bottles exited the filling/capping equipment on a conveyor that is one bottle wide. Detection equipment determined if a bottle needed to be removed from the line due to improper capping.

The customer was using air cylinders to push the rejected bottle off the exit line at right angles. They had difficulty getting the air cylinders to move both gently and rapidly, without spilling the fluid from the bottles. The bottles were sometimes ejected violently, resulting in either breakage or spilled liquid. This would cause the line to be shut down to clear the mess.

A LinMot system was designed with two components:

An F-Guide was specified with two linear motor stators on a single, long slider. Each stator carried a horizontal H-Guide with another linear motor. The F-Guide was placed parallel to the exit conveyor and the H-Guide motors moved at right angles to the conveyor.

When the first reject bottle was detected, one of the F-Guide stators would begin moving to synchronize with the speed of the conveyor. The H-guide servo axis would move the open bottle gently but quickly using a cam profile across the production line conveyor to the adjacent take away conveyor without damage or spilling. The motion profile of any LinMot linear motor can be customized. In this case, the requirement is for a gentle start, rapid acceleration, then deceleration, with a very fast retract.

In the meantime, if a second reject was detected, the second stator/H-Guide system would deal with the second reject.

Three rejects in a row would shut the filler/capper down.

The two F-Guide motors carrying the H-guides were able to keep up with an “every other bottle” reject situation because of the ability of the stators to very quickly move back to their home positions in preparation for the next reject.

This application demonstrated the speed of the tubular linear motor systems, as well as the ability to move with a gentle profile the filled bottles without damage or spilling.

LinMot has a number of drive modules with the ability to accept an external encoder that allow easy synchronization with moving equipment.

Contact your local rep by going to our home page, linmot-usa.com, and clicking “find your local rep” in the top right corner to see how LinMot can provide a better solution for your application needs.

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