MagSpring products can best be described as “magnetic springs”. The term “spring”, however, is to be understood to mean that MagSpring components generate a constant force over their entire working range, while the characteristic curve for a typical mechanical spring shows an increase in force with increasing displacement. The generation of force that is independent of the stroke makes MagSprings preferable for balancing weight forces in vertical drive applications.


Mode of Operation

The mode of operation is based on the attractive force of permanent magnets. Accordingly, no energy source (electricity, compressed air, etc.) is needed, so that safety-related applications can also be addressed. The special design of the flow-guiding components and the magnets translates the strongly non-linear relationship between force and displacement in magnet-iron arrangements into a constant force curve. Depending on the strength class of the MagSpring, the permanent magnets are either in the stator, in the slider, or in both components. The slider is guided by an integrated plain bearing, so that MagSprings can be used comparably to gas pressure spring in a design.



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