LinMot’s stainless steel linear motors feature hygienically designed, stainless steel casings ideal for aggressive environments utilizing harsh chemicals and high pressure wash down processes. The AISI 316 and IP69K ratings are suitable for the linear motion needs of the food, pharmaceutical, and packaging industries. LinMot’s stainless steel linear motors provide higher dynamics and increased precision and multiple positions on equipment operating with pneumatic cylinders.

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• Direct drive – no belts, screws, cams or gears to wear out
• Stainless steel housing EN 1.4404 / AISI 316
• Hygienic design
• Cast-in motor components
• Available as either air or water cooled
• IP69K rated for food, pharmaceutical and packaging applications
• Peak linear motor forces from 47.2 lbs. (210 N) to 200 lbs. (890 N)
• Complete control on basis of force, speed, trajectory or position
• Strokes from 27.5” (700 mm) up to 67” (1710 mm)
• Integrated position sensors and temperature feedback
• Free programmable positions / motion profiles
• Designed for high pressure wash down using aggressive chemicals


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