The LinMot line of industrial linear motors feature a direct drive system which eliminates the need for high-wear components such as belts, screws, cams or gears. This unique design offers greatly reduced maintenance and substantially longer service life even in rugged industrial environments. Every LinMot system provides complete motor control on the basis of force, speed, trajectory or position.

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• Direct drive – no belts, screws, cams or gears to wear outLinmot Direct Drive Linear Motor
• High speed movements up to 200in/sec and accelerations to 100g
• Operating life to 2 billion cycles when properly applied
• Complete control on basis of force, speed, trajectory or position
• Repeatability of .002” (.05mm)
• Peak motor forces to 230lb (1024N)
• Strokes up to 72” (1830mm)
• Designed for use in rugged environments

High Speed, Long Life, and Complete Control Direct Drive Linear Motors

A LinMot linear motor consists of two parts, a slider and a stator. Without the use of belts, screws, cams or gears, LinMot linear motors have an expected operating life of up to 2 billion cycles when properly applied. Now available in standard and stainless options, LinMot motors offer complete control on the basis of force, speed, trajectory and position.

A LinMot linear motor features a simplistic design ideal for rugged applications like food packaging equipment and linear motor material handling systems where higher speed, longer service life and increased control are desired. Our stainless steel linear motors feature sealed, stainless steel motor casings and an IPK69 protection rating suitable for food and pharmaceutical applications and other harsh industrial environments where chemicals are used. We offer over 300 standard linear motor specifications, available in 15 different configurations. The module design makes custom designed linear motors feasible, even in moderate quantities.

Our motors adjust to your specific design needs by providing linear motors with either space saving cables and connector assemblies or mounted rotatable connectors.


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