LinMot Technical Support for Linear Motion

Assistance with Linear Motion System Design and Start Up

At LinMot, we strive to provide the best technical support available.  Your first contact for any support request is your local LinMot representative or local authorized distributor.  They have LinMot product experience; choosing the correct linear motor and controller for your application, basic configuration help during start-up, and initial troubleshooting assistance.  Please find your local respresentative by using the link ‘Find a Rep Near You’ in the top menu bar.

In our USA head office, we have a team of experienced application engineers offering 2nd level support. This team supports the sales staff on any technical problem. If necessary, they also get in direct contact with customers (only with prior consultation of the local sales representative).

LinMot’s proprietary software is provided at no cost to our customers. This software is used to determine proper motor sizing for your application needs and configure your motor during installation. The software can be downloaded from the Documents and Software tab below.






  • Cables

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    What is the life time of LinMot Trailing Chain (high flex) cables?

    In order to get maximum life from a Trailing Chain cable, the minimum bend radius (as specified in the LinMot Data Book) must be observed.  In addition, Trailing Chain cables can be bent but not twisted (Robotic cables are used if twisting is required).  Trailing Chain cables should be properly installed in cable tracks or guides.  Many factors effect the life of a cable but a life of 3,000,000 to 8,000,000 cycles can be expected.  It is always good practice to keep a spare for a Trailing Chain cable. – Submitted 07/11/2013

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  • Download and Install LinMot Talk Software

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Downloading Firmware

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Motor Wizard

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Your First Move

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Discrete IO Part 1: Inputs

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Discrete IO Part 2: Outputs

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Curve Moves Part 1: Creating Curve

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Curve Moves Part 2: Making the Curve Move

    LinMot Talk Configuration – Curve Moves Part 3: Advanced Features

    LinMot Talk Configuration – EasySteps Part 1: Initial Setup

    LinMot Talk Configuration – EasySteps Part 2: Analog Parameter Scale

    LinMot Talk Configuration – EasySteps Part 3: I/O Motion

  • Drive

    The electronic component that both delivers power to and controls the motion of a LinMot linear motor.  It is sometimes referred to as a “controller”.
    Extension Cable
    The cable that connects the drive to the motor.  An extension cable is not a high flex cable, which is referred to as a “trailing chain cable”.
    A combination of a LinMot stator and a LinMot slider.
    The magnetic rod that slides within the stator of a LinMot motor.
    The external part of a LinMot linear motor containing the magnetic field coils, electronics and inner bearing.
    Trailing Chain Cable
    The cable that connects the drive to the motor.  A trailing chain cable is a high-flex cable that is made to move along with the motor.